Project and Owner
Highways and Bridges

Highway Improvement Project for WVDOH.
Replacement of Route 220, Hardy County, West Virginia.  Complete redesign and rerouting of the highway to expand it to four lanes.

WVDOH Corridor H (WV Route 48)
Design three bridges for the expansion of WV Route 48
  • CSX Railroad overpass bridge, 623 feet
  • Stony River Bridge at Mount Storm, 1432 feet long and 134 feet high
  • Interchange Bridge at the intersection of Route 33 and Route 92, Davis-Bismark Section 7, 263 feet

Meadowbrook Road, Clarksburg, WV for the WVDOH
Upgraded WV Route 24 to four lanes

WVDOH Sundowner Bridge, Wood County, WV
Replaced a bridge that carried cars and trucks over a stream in Wood County, WV


Town of Grantsville, WV
As part of a major water treatment plant project for the Town, Ellerbee’s professionals were provided complete development plans and specifications for a five acre site at the Charles A. Stevens Municipal Water Treatment Plant in Calhoun County, West Virginia.


Petroleum Tank Inspections
Worked as a subcontractor to Dawood Engineering, Pennsylvania, to assist in providing inspections and certifications under a new West Virginia law that required more rigorous inspection and recordkeeping for tanks primarily used in the oil and gas industries

Tank Inspections
Under contract with the State of West Virginia for 2016-2017 as its preferred provider of services to inspect and repair tanks containing hazardous materials.

Spill Protection Containment and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan for Apex Pipeline
Conducted extensive investigation and evaluation of four natural gas pipeline work yards, and prepared detailed reports on ways to maintain their safety, generating plans for worst-case scenarios that might involve spills of petroleum products that are stored in the several tanks on the site.  The plans included directions to the client on exactly how to react to negative situations, complete with contact information and references to government regulations.

Oil and Gas Services

Drilling and Exploration
Together with its partners, Ellerbee has provided service in every phase of the oil and gas industry, from exploration to drilling completion, all with its own crews and equipment.  Partnering company references include Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, McJunkin Red Man, and many others available upon request.

Heavy Construction

Road and hillside stabilization
Ellerbee has provided services innumerable times to other contractors in need of services stabilizing hillsides and roads that have become destabilized or washed away due to flooding or other construction

Clearing and grubbing
Ellerbee has a long list of references for its services in clearing paths for roads, pipelines and other utilities.Type your paragraph here.

A Sample of Ellerbee's Past Projects